Plastic Braces???


Plastic Braces???
We here at the Orthotorium like the old fashioned leather and steel braces.
We have also succumbed to the idea that plastic braces have a role to play
in the modern life of a braced person. They are lightweight and in cold climates
can be quite comfortable where perspiration is not a problem. A fine example
has been sent in by a Canadian legbracer. Hope you enjoy the high resolution
pictures and fine close up photography.


Drawback #1 Plastic braces

will melt if placed on the stove.

Plastic is imprinted with blue jeans pattern.

Fitting of shoe plates inside of shoe makes braces invisable with long pants.

This can put a real strain on the imagination. :(

Your leg goes here :)

Plastic helper spring on knee joint.

Reach out and touch the plastic.

Hot Plastic!

Cooking your plastic braces :)

Well done braces with legs. :)



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