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  • 4October Pictures
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  • 6Dec. 15 New update pictures for December
  • 7The Adventures of Beverley the Wheelie Lady
  • 8Buddies in Braces
  • 9November Gif Page
  • 10Mid Ocober update
  • 11Roots and Braces
  • 12Mid July
  • 13Brown St. Jacket
  • 14Aug 2000
    16Summer Microbus 
    17Hot Boots # 2
    18Bears in Braces
    19Iron lung
    20Scouts in braces
    21Custom Back Brace
    22Start of old archives
    23Pictures for September
    24The Basement
    25WheelChairPictures 26September Sightings
    27Orthopedic Boots
    28More Electronic Surgery
    29August Summer update
    30Sightings Page 1
    31Sightings Page 2
    32Electronic Surgery
    33The Lung, 2-Pic
    34Reciprocating Gait


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